Good Night (Not Really)

by Nan Evenson

Count Backwards with Charlie and Lisa! Fun and spirited counting book with a surprise ending.

Charlie and Lisa are charming guides, helping children count not only to ten, but backward as well. Good Night (Not Really): Let’s Count Forward AND Backward is actually a good morning book. It’s the first book in the Not Really series, to be followed by The Terrible Day (Not Really): Let’s Count by Twos and I Don’t Want a New Teacher (Not Really): Let’s Count by Fives. The picture books offer fresh ways for children to expand their math skills, gorgeous illustrations, and surprise endings.


About the Author

After her four kids grew up, several college degrees and years of working in business, as well as with awe inspiring teens, Nan thought it would be fun to take writing classes on several continents. She is currently writing three books, and her first, Good Night (Not Really): Let’s Count Forward AND Backward, has won three awards. She also writes short stories, has had five of them published and has won two awards. She is indeed having fun.